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#12 - New Vocabulary

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 21, 2017 2:08:16 PM

New Vocabulary in PDPworks 4.0

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New Vocabulary

In the PDPworks 4.0, we've upgraded the architecture to provide clients with greater flexibility in accessing reports and information. With that flexibility comes a few new terms that you will want to know—User, Role, Folder, and Access:

User user iconanyone who logs into PDPworks 4.0 with a username (email address), and password

Roledescribes the function of the user within PDPworks 4.0. The new app has two roles:

  1. Key Contacta certified user who is the primary contact for the account and has full account access. There is one Key Contact per account. 
  2. PDP ProfessionalFormerly “PDP Administrator,”  a user who has completed the PDP Professional Certification.  

Folder folder icon a location where surveys and reports are organized. Folders replaced the "levels" concept and in PDPworks 2.3. While similar to levels, folders much greater organizational flexibility and ease of use.

Access—which folder(s) a user is able to use (including editing the folder name and adding sub-folders)

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