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#11- A Name Tag by any Other Name . . .

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 18, 2017 10:00:27 AM

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When developing PDPworks 4.0, we've tried to think of everything—even down to little things like name tags. Clients have always enjoyed having the option of printing out customized name tags with the stylized version of each person's Basic/Natural Self graph. However, we have also heard clients request easier access to create these name tags and to have them printable to commercially available name tag labels.

Well, we've done that and more! 

  Name Tags

When you print out name tags in PDPworks 4.0—

  • Images are vector graphics—no fuzzy images
  • You no longer need Adobe® Flash, it goes straight to a PDF
  • Name tags print to Avery® #5395 8-up Peel and Stick Labels
  • First names are color-coded by highest trait

Check out this video from the "How-to" instructional videos about generating Name Tags.

Watch your inbox for previews of new features, requirements, and report upgrades, as we move forward with upgrades to PDPworks 4.0. If you are not receiving our blog emails, why not subscribe?

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