What Are Your Needs?

No matter who your audience is, PDP can fulfill their needs. Are you a C-Level Executive, Human Resources, a Hiring Manager or Recruiter, a Consultant, an Executive Coach, a Professional Facilitator, or a Corporate Trainer? Keep reading to find out about what PDP can do for you!

C Level Executives

Know your management team’s strengths and talents within minutes. ProScan Executive Summary Report reveals information that takes months or years to figure out. Align, or realign, your key players–the actions to take become crystal clear with ProScan insights. Recapture the power of your management team. Stop wasting time, and start experiencing rewards and freedom by unleashing the power of your people!

Human Resources

Empower your frontline supervisors to manage their people effectively without having to constantly appeal to HR for intervention. Equipped with the knowledge of how their employees are wired, your supervisors will not only communicate and lead their direct reports better, but also competently respond stress, energy drain, and satisfaction of their team members.

Hiring Managers | Recruiters

PDP’s JobScan module allows you to quickly determine the behaviors most important for on-the-job success. Then, seamlessly match applicants to jobs and leverage the specific behavioral interviewing questions to determine a candidate’s fit with the role, team, and organization. Finally, expedite a successful on-boarding process by immediately introducing managers to their new hire’s strengths and motivators.


Augment your expertise with the highly effective, in-depth behavioral analysis reporting on individuals (ProScan Personal Development Report) and teams (TeamScan OrgStats and RealTeam reporting). The PDP reporting can weave into any area of consulting including leadership development, strategy/planning, project management, succession planning and more. Clients will sing your praises and you will enjoy the gratification of providing excellent results…as well as the lasting effects of additional value add billable services.

Executive Coaches

Immediately begin the process of coaching your clients toward success by diving straight to heart of the matter of revealing self-awareness. ProScan quickly quantifies the inherent strengths of your executive clients and provides you a roadmap to guide them in identifying the positive and negative stress affecting them. You will continue to propel them toward success through identification and definition of motivators unique to them. Distinguish yourself by adding the unique value ProScan brings to your coaching process (or Distinguish yourself, strengthen your coaching process and lengthen the coaching engagements by adding the unique value of ProScan.

Professional Facilitators | Corporate Trainers

Demonstrate your capacity to increase organizational effectiveness by leveraging PDP’s comprehensive suite of workshops. Using these vibrant and interactive workshops, you will promote your ability to improve performance in closing sales, crushing miscommunication, raising leaders, as well as recruiting and retaining talent. PDP’s fully furnished PowerApp workshops come ready to implement with everything you need impress and benefit participants and organizations.