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1st Time 4.0 Log In

The first time you log into PDPworks 4.0 it will be slightly different than any other time after that. The reason for this is that you will be receiving an email from us at PDP Global with a special Activation Link in it. When you click the link, it will take you directly to a PDPworks 4.0 login screen where you will confirm your name and email, and enter and confirm a new password. Clicking the login button then activates your user account and takes you to your dashboard.

In PDPworks 2.3, users of levels do not require a name. In PDPworks 4.0, all users are required to have a first and last name, a unique and valid email address, and to be certified as either a PDP Professional (Administrator) or ProScan Mentor.

Click on the login screen image to see a short video on this topic and check out all the different instructional videos in the How-to Library!

“How to” Videos for PDPworks 4.0

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